ProSolution Gel

It’s never said not to try another lube; go ahead with the rest if you both are satisfied with each other’s performance. The Prosolution Gel is for them who, for long, have not been able to break the 10-minutes barrier in bed. And that excludes the time of arousal and foreplay.

The pro-s of ProSolution Gel:

  • Helps attain maximum erection under 1 minute.
  • There’s no restriction on the amount you can apply; however, just a little amount is enough to get you throbbing.
  • Doesn’t break latex unlike so many others.
  • Completely ingestible.
  • Doesn’t interact with other libido-boosting supplements or medications.
  • Comprises essential bio-compounds that stay responsible for bringing an erection.

What makes the pro?

It is a careful combination of amino acids, vitamins and herb extracts that makes the ProSolution Gel stand ahead of the crowd; these are the ingredients that are also used as ingestible libido and performance enhancers.

And unlike many, it doesn’t contain hormones or contraceptives that often yield adverse effects upon topical application.

L-Arginine: L-Arginine increases nitric oxide levels in the body for vasodilatation, allowing a better flow of blood in the penile tissues.
Aloe vera: Triggers the absorption of other ingredients in the Gel into the skin; additionally, it also nourishes the penile skin to become thicker and gain in terms of girth.
Uva ursi: This is simply the Bearberry extract that stimulates blood flow for a firmer erection. Astringent by nature, it also treats skin infections if there are any.
Algae extract: The algae extract adds elasticity to the skin and heightens sensation for better satisfaction.
Mango butter: Apart from providing the lubrication, it also delivers the aphrodisiacal qualities of mango through the skin.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant; it increases sexual drive and help the penis to recover fast from the refractory period. The menthol base acts as a catalyst that stimulates the penis further.

ProSolution Gel: Understand the difference

Those looking for a contraceptive… and purely a contraceptive… are not advised the use of ProSolution Gel. However, it increases the staying power of a man to the extent of controlling his own orgasms; that way, the withdrawal method (if you take that as a contraceptive measure) shall prevent unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, the presence of the transdermal natural ingredients bring about smooth muscle hypertrophy over prolonged usage i.e. it allows the penis to grow to a certain extent, although not doubling its size. Being edible, it also prevents the risk of later complications through accidental ingestion.

What makes ProSolution outrun the rest?

In a word, it’s the formulation. Instead of the ingredients going in to the stomach and other digestive organs and getting processed before doing their job, ProSolution Gel makes them hit directly the areas they are meant for. They are metabolized directly in the cellular level without any of the goodness being lost. And unlike many other libido-boosting or penis-enlarging medications, there is no particular dosage time or amount. You use it whenever you feel comfortable; however, the best results are achieved when used once every 24 hours.


There is an entirely new world waiting to be discovered beyond the synthetic, smelly and runny lube world that often poses risks of contamination and infections and gives you few minutes of pleasure every few months. Instead, shift to something that not only reduces unnecessary friction but also strengthens you up from within. There are reasons behind that pro prefix and you’ll be delighted uncovering them all.