Premature Ejaculation Treatment

What are the reasons for premature ejaculation?

All the reasons of premature ejaculation can be divided into two groups – physiological reasons i.e. related to the problems with health or the features of human body/organs functioning, and psychological. Physiological reasons for premature ejaculation are: a high sensitivity of penis head and a chronic vesiculitis. Let’s talk about it in details.

High sensitivity of penis head

It is the most widespread reason of premature ejaculation. The high sensitivity of penis head can be congenital and acquired. The acquired premature ejaculation happens as a result of balanopostitis and phimosis but it happens not so often.
The most effective method of medical treatment of the high sensitivity of penis head is circumcision. As a rule a duration of coitus of any man after circumcision increases in two-three times, regardless the fact if the person had the problems with ejaculation. If there were any problems most often they become solved.
If by any reason you don’t want to do circumcision, you can for example use medical lubricant with anesthetic or a spray of lidokaine. Usually it is not convenient and can belittle you in women’s opinion so you have to hide these gizmoses.

Chronical vesiculitis

Vesiculitis is an inflammation of seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles are placed behind the prostate. All sperms and components of sperm formed in the ovary are collected in the seminal vesicles. At the time of ejaculation seminal vesicles are contract and their content goes to the back side of urethra.
The vesiculitis is never takes place without prostatitis which is the inflammation of prostate. During vesiculitis the walls of seminal vesicles are more sensitive and to start their contract and further ejaculation is enough to have small sexual excitement.


The most widespread psychological reason of erectile dysfunction is overexcitation. During the strong sexual excitation the tension in the corresponding sector of cerebral brain cortex grows very fast (it is related to the serotonin) and it leads to the fast ejaculation and orgasm.
The other type of psychological reason of premature ejaculation is a fear. For example you have sex in the not so calm situation or in not so adequate surrounding (outside, in the car, parents can come earlier and so on). You may hurry (subconsciously) to finish and to accelerate ejaculation. This is inherent to teenagers and to people who has such pattern of their first sexual experience in their mind done by this plan. Remember your first sexual experience.

Distinguishing features of psychogenic erectile dysfunction

  • Start of sexual life
  • Rare, not regular sexual life
  • Duration of the coitus can widely vary
  • Duration of the coitus can be different with the different partners
  • To come in second time is often difficult because of absence of erection
  • Premature ejaculation often goes together with the problems of erection
  • Sometimes to prolong your sex you can think of outside themes (usually thoughts of not so pleasant things). Sometimes such thoughts lead to end of erection.
  • Small quantity of alcohol usually improves the situation.

Usually psychological problems with ejaculation are being solved with the time, age and experience in the sexual life. However, take into consideration that they can only grow and make man’s life totally unbearable. It usually goes together with the erectile dysfunction and sometimes with the delay of ejaculation.
At the situation of serious psychological problems (I hope it is not about you) one has to have help of experienced sexologist and psychologist. The partner’s behavior is also plays an important role – it is easier to solve the problem together then alone. A sensitive and understanding woman can give more help to a man than a specialist.

Sex positions to delay premature ejaculation

By using certain sex positions, you easily can last longer. You should use positions that help you to relax and at the same time stimulate the clitoris. By relaxing, you can delay your ejaculation, and by stimulating the clitoris, your partner also will achieve her orgasm sooner. It’s like getting a double effect. By using the so-called missionary or ”doggy-style” position, you cannot really control the ejaculation process, and it also takes more time for your partner to achieve orgasm. After all, having premature ejaculation is a quite relative thing and cannot really measured by minutes or hours. What is important is that you are able to satisfy your woman, right?
This is the classical position in which the woman is dominating, and men can relax, helping them to delay ejaculation. On the other hand, this position accelerates the female’s orgasm. Many men find this position very exciting due to the idea of being dominated by woman.

Position 1

The next position we have also puts the woman on top, but this time, both partners are facing each other. This position is very helpful to women having difficulties in reaching orgasm, as this position stimulates the clitoris more easily.

Position 2

In the third position, the woman is on top while the man has his knees bent. This position has to be performed on a hard surface, not on a bed. The man can enjoy kissing the woman’s breasts while having sex in this position.

Position 3

The fourth position is similar to the first one, only this time the woman has reversed her direction.

Position 4

As you have noticed, the woman is dominant in all these positions. Positions that allow you full control make it more difficult for you to control the level of stimulation. The additional value is that in these positions, the woman will reach her orgasm faster. You should just experiment with your partner to determine which position works best for both of you. Of course, using these positions works best if you also learn to control your arousal in order to last even longer.
Have fun with different positions and surprise your partner. Whether or not you suffer from premature ejaculation, it’s always good to experiment a little, because sex does not have to be boring. Other benefits of trying different positions is that while changing positions, you can pause before resuming intercourse and therefore control your level of arousal. Remember: You should avoid of reaching the point of no return when you cannot control the ejaculation process.

Finally, we can conclude that the more work you do, the more excited you’ll get and the faster you will ejaculate! You should keep this in mind when choosing positions.