Performer5: Why Does This Product Work?

So, you might be wondering why this product works so well? Performer5 works to replenish the hormones and minerals that are missing from the body. It helps to stimulate the production of semen in the prostate. The ingredients within the product are:
Mucuna pruriens

There’s no reason to have supplements or exercise routines, as Performer5 works by you doing nothing but taking your daily pill. The ingredients of Performer5 are fresh and 100 percent natural. Quality is of the utmost importance with Performer5 so the cheap, dried stuff is never used.

A Look At Each Ingredient In Greater Detail

So, how does each ingredient work to increase the flow of blood to your penis and boost semen production?
Zinc: The prostate needs 15mg of zinc every day to function correctly and generate normal semen amounts. Performer5 has 1,500mg of Zinc; 10 times the recommended amount, which means your semen production will increase tremendously in greater quantities.
L-Arginine: This ingredient helps the blood vessels to get back its flexibility and elasticity. Thus, the penis chambers will expand, which will allow more blood to flow into the penis so that it becomes harder and stronger. It’s so effective that you’ll notice a significant difference within two weeks of first using it.
Pomegranate: This ingredient contains ellagic acid, a substance that increases the nitrous oxide levels in the blood, allowing for additional stamina and sexual longing. It’s thought that pomegranate is the natural form of Viagra.
Mucuna Pruriens: The seeds in this plant help to stimulate the production of dopamine and testosterone. Testosterone works to extend your erections and orgasmic reactions while dopamine is related to that pleasure feeling in your brain. No doubt, it’s a powerful combination that can take you out of this world.

Why Is Performer5 Stirring Up Such A Fuss

The Performer5 manufacturer has certainly done some things that the competition never imagined possible. They’ve taken the nutritional point of view to solving the problem. The product gives your body what it’s lacking and helps to generate more semen and boost the libido.
You may have tried other products that gave you some or no results. However, with Performer5 and Performer5 Essential Nutrients, you’ll see some real results. Within several weeks of the treatment, you’ll be generating lots of semen with tremendous force and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. And, because of the force of semen, the orgasms are going to be much more intense and last longer.

Best of all, they benefit both men AND the partner they are with. After all, they’ll be extremely satisfied with the longer, stiffer penis with amazing ejaculation strength.

Performer5: What Are The Benefits, What Are The Side Effects

When your libido drops, the desire wanes and you have sporadic orgasms, you’ll begin to worry. No doubt you’ll be on the hunt for a system or product that kick starts your sex life. There are all kinds of products and programs that claim they are the answer to your solution.

However, Performer5 is a 100 percent natural supplement product with numerous advantages including:

Boosting the semen volume when you ejaculate
More intense orgasms for both you and your significant other
Better ejaculation pressure and strength
Longer-lasting erections
Potent libido and strength

Performer5 is completely 100 percent natural and can be used for long-term without any harmful side effects. The only things you get are positive effects and permanent gratification.

What Features Are Found In Performer5: What Kinds Of Extras Will You Get With Performer5

Performer5 sperm pills are a wonderful product and, when you purchase it, you have all kinds of bonuses and extras… all kinds of additional benefits. What you get depends on what you spend, as the more you spend, the more extras you get. Plain and simple!

The additional benefits you get include the following:

Free Male Extra pills
Long-term assistance and support
Free, fast and reliable shipping

These along with the working supplement will generate immediate results that complement manufacturers’ confidence in their product.

Bear in mind that Performer5 is going to cost you. However, if you look at all the benefits and extras you get, it’s well worth the $68.95 you pay.